IP Address Configuration – ELK [ Elastic Search,Logstash,Kibana Dashboard] for Remote Access of Kibana DashBoards

 IP Address Configuration in Linux/Unix Environment for Remote Access of Kibana Dashboard :

If you want to access Kibana dashboards from other machine or remote access you need to configure Kibana, elastic search and log stash configurations should be configure IP address instead of localhost or, so here is the list of files needed to change the IP Address.

1] /dev/ashokabhat/Kibana-7.6.2-Linux-X86_64/config/kibana.yml

Add these entries into the kibana.yml configuration file:

A] server.port : 5601

B] server.host : “”

C] server.maxPayloadBytes : 1048576

D] elasticsearch.hosts : [“http://”

2] /dev/ashokabhat/elasticsearch-7.6.2/config/elasticsearch.yml

Add these entries into the elasticsearch.yml configuration file:

A] network.host :

B] http.port : 9200

C] cluster.initial_master_nodes : [“”]

D] bootstrap.system_call_filter : false

3] /dev/ashokabhat/elasticsearch-7.6.2/config/jvm.option

Add these entries into the jvm.option configuration file:

A] -Djava.io.tmpdir =  /dev/ashokabhat/elasticsearch-7.6.2/tmp_ES

B] -XX:HeapDumpPath=data

C] -Xms1g

D] -Xmx1g

E] -XXErrorFile = logs/hs_err_pid%p.log

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