New Web Development Model for 2019 :Java Micro Services

Software built as microservices can be broken down into multiple component services, so that each of these services can be deployed and then redeployed independently without compromising the integrity of an application. That means that microservice architecture gives developers the freedom to independently develop and deploy services.
Better fault isolation; if one microservice fails, the others will continue to work.

1] Code for different services can be written in different languages.

2]Easy integration and automatic deployment; using open-source continuous integration tools such as Jenkins, etc.

3]The microservice architecture enables continuous delivery.

4]Easy to understand since they represent a small piece of functionality, and easy to modify for developers, thus they can help a new team member become productive quickly.

5]The code is organized around business capabilities.

6]Scalability and reusability, as well as efficiency. Easy to scale and integrate with third-party services.

7]Components can be spread across multiple servers or even multiple data centers.

8]Work very well with containers, such as Docker.

9]Complement cloud activities.

10]Microservices simplify security monitoring because the various parts of an app are isolated. A security problem could happen in one section without affecting other areas of the project.

11]Increase the autonomy of individual development teams within an organization, as ideas can be implemented and deployed without having to coordinate with a wider IT delivery function.

Successful Case Studies and Examples of Microservices Architecture Implementation

Netflix, eBay, Amazon, the UK Government Digital Service, Twitter, PayPal, The Guardian, and many other large-scale websites and applications have all evolved from monolithic to microservices architecture.

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