Generate Random Series in java

import java.util.Random;

/** Generate random integers in a certain range. */
public final class RandomRange {

public static final void main(String… aArgs){
log(“Generating random integers in the range 1..10.”);

long START = 5412;
long END = 5422;
Random random = new Random();
for (int idx = 5412; idx aEnd ) {
throw new IllegalArgumentException(“Start cannot exceed End.”);
//get the range, casting to long to avoid overflow problems
long range = (long)aEnd – (long)aStart + 1;
// compute a fraction of the range, 0 <= frac < range
long fraction = (long)(range * aRandom.nextDouble());
int randomNumber = (int)(fraction + aStart);
log("Generated : "+"984238"+idx +" Value = " + randomNumber);

private static void log(String aMessage){

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