Ubuntu or Fedora, Which is Better Linux Distro.

Linux operating systems are getting popular. Over the years they have grown and today they present an option to Microsoft Windows OS. There are about more than 200 Linux distributions which are being used currently. Many of IT personnel who swear by MS Windows all day turns in to Linux lovers by night. Mac4 Ubuntu or Fedora, Which is Better Linux Distro. technologySince most of the corporates have gone in for Windows OS and Windows Servers, their employees have to necessarily opt for Windows OS but their love for open source is what drives to use Linux distro in the cool ambient and comfort of their homes.

The two popular distributions which are keenly tracked on Distrowatch are Fedora and Ubuntu. With keyword Fedora or Ubuntu you will get more than dozen comparisons between Fedora and Ubuntu. Each of these comparisons have tried to cover some or a few of the aspects of Fedora and Ubuntu but none of these comparisons have declared either one of them as the winner.

Both of these distributions were Ubuntu was founded by Mark Shuttleworth. Last five years have seen, these two distributions growing at frenetic pace. The present versions Fedora 12 and Ubuntu 9.10 have evolved considerably compared to their earlier forms.

Theme and Policy:

While Ubuntu aims to provide “an open-source alternative to Windows and Office,” Fedora‘s goal is to create “a Linux-based operating system that showcases the latest in free and open source software.” Ubuntu’s emphasis on usability and making changes and Fedora’s on innovation, leaves a gaping hole in marketability of these products. A techno savvy person or a geek may understand the nuances of these Linux distributions but a commoner will turn away from the change which is unfolding so fast.

Ubuntu or Fedora, Which is Better Linux Distro. technologyFedora and Ubuntu alike are centered on the GNOME desktop. Most of users install Fedora and Ubuntu through Live CDs with minimal interface from users. Setup completes in less than half an hour.

Apart from defaults like themes, wallpaper etc, the GNOME desktops of two distributions leave you with very little differentiations.


Space is going to be constraint in future so software like GIMP may get dropped. Presently installation is done using Live CDs but in future if Ubuntu and Fedora offers DVD support then in that case space requirements during installation may be forgotten. It’s known that Ubuntu uses Debian packages and Fedora, the RPM packages. Debian packages earlier used to install the missing packages on its own while RPM packages needed user to install all the packages one by one. But today the graphical user interface has blurred the difference between the two installations. Today Fedora even competes with Ubuntu with its rich packages.


Ubuntu uses ‘sudo’ with administrative commands and requires root password to be entered before command proceeds. Fedora doesn’t uses sudo but requires separate password to enter root. Fedora does use SE Linux which can be set to a level of security which prevents installation of software unless user disables it. In a way Fedora thus scores over Ubuntu in terms of security.

In the end, there is hardly anything which differentiates the two popular distributions. Fedora and Ubuntu both are equally good and in terms of features, both of them have always been trying to compete with each other.

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18 Responses to Ubuntu or Fedora, Which is Better Linux Distro.

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  2. Subaili Sekri says:

    which one did you choose?

  3. ashokabhat says:

    For me as a developer first i will choose Ubuntu and Next preference Fedora

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  11. V Narayanan says:

    I will choose Ubuntu in case I have to operate the desktop like windows. Ubuntu is highly windows compatible is becoming a direct alternative. I have used Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, 10.10, 11.04 & 11.10. After using this for almost 2 years, I have come to this conclusion.

    But ubuntu though superior to windows in terms of security, is not a stable OS in my opinion. However the community and forum support is so good that you do not feel the lapse.

    I shall use Fedora in case my preference is innovation, security and disciplineddo desktop usage where I do not need windows applications to run on Linux. I feel the system performance of Fedora is better than Ubuntu. I have used Fedora 15 and Fedora 16.

    Hope this helps you
    V. Narayanan

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