Flex/Actionscript Dynamic Checkbox creation with Events

private function createCheckBoxGroup(tablename:String):void


var checkBox:CheckBox;

var vb:VBox;

var tst:Array =new Array();

containerBox = new Box();

containerBox.id = tablename;

containerBox.addEventListener(“click”, setStringData);

for(var i:int =0;i<arrColumnNames.length;i++)


checkBox = new CheckBox();

checkBox.id =tablename+"Z"+ i;

checkBox.label = arrColumnNames[i].toString();

var tmp:String = arrColumnNames[i].toString();

checkBox.move(200+(i*15), 100);

checkBox.addEventListener("click", setStringData);


// selectedTableColumns.push(tablename+"."+TableColumnNames[i].toString());



containerBox.graphics.moveTo(100, 100);

containerBox.graphics.lineTo(200, 200);



var len:int = selectedTables.length;

selectedTables = selectedTables.substr(1,len);


About ashokabhat

I am a C,C ,JAVA,Adobe Flex,.NET Programmer Currently working as a Software Developer
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