New features included in Flex SDK 4

Working with projects

Conversion to server project* — Convert a nonserver Flex project to a server project (using PHP, Adobe ColdFusion®, BlazeDS, Adobe LiveCycle® Data Services, or .NET).
Conversion to Adobe AIR® project* — Convert a Flex project targeting the Adobe Flash Player runtime to an Adobe AIR project.
Package explorer* — Get a hierarchical view of the project, packages, classes, referenced libraries, and other assets.
Expansion of compiled assets* — Introspect classes within a referenced SWC library.
HTML wrapper* — Work with wrapper code for a Flex application that uses SWFObject.
MX-only workflow† — Take advantage of the Flex 4 language features and compiler, without using the Spark component set.
FXP export* — Save a Flex project as an FXP file.

Code editing

Updated content assist† — Take advantage of code hinting/completion for all Flex 4 language features, classes, and components.
Generation of getter/setter* — Replace an existing public variable definition with a private variable and public getter and setter.
Generation of event handler* — Create an event handler function for an event on a component.
Generation of service call* — Generate a method for calling an operation for a defined service.
File template support* — Edit default templates for MXML, ActionScript, and CSS files.
ASDoc content display* — Hover over code or use code hinting to display ASDoc information.
ASDoc panel* — Select code to display information in the ASDoc panel.
States code visibility† — De-emphasize code that is not applicable to the current state.
Move refactoring* — Move multiple classes and packages within a project.
Rename refactoring* — Rename classes and packages within a project.
Code indent* — Correct indentation on selected code (with preferences to control indentation style).
Content assist proposal cycling* — Refine hints shown for code completion (select from All, Properties, Events, Effects, and Styles).
Content assist camel case* — Type camel case characters to view matching properties (for example, ADG for Advanced Data Grid).
View call hierarchy* — Display all the callers of a selected function, variable, class, or interface identifier.
Import organization* — Alphabetically sort import statements for required classes.
Override indicators* — Rely on an icon in the gutter bar in code view to indicate which methods are overridden.
Indent on code paste* —Have code pasted into an existing class or MXML document automatically indented.
Code folding* — Expand or collapse blocks of ActionScript code.


Show N paths to GCRoot* — Expand a path to an instance of an object to view whether there is a back-reference to GCRoot.

Debugger improvements

Expression evaluations* — Inspect and modify code expressions that are evaluated whenever debugging is selected.
Run to line debug* — Generate a command to break out of a loop during a debugging session.
Conditional breakpoints* — Specify conditions for breakpoints to stop the debugger from executing when specific conditions are met.
Watchpoints* — Halt execution when the watched variable changes value.


Unit testing* — Generate and edit repeatable FlexUnit tests that can be run from scripts or directly within Flash Builder.
Automation support for Spark components† — Leverage the Flex automation framework to test Spark components.
Automation support for Adobe AIR applications* — Leverage the Flex automation framework to test AIR applications.

Connecting to data

Services explorer* —– View, edit, and use service operations and data types.
Services wizard* — Generate a client-side data model and service operations for data services.
Service generation from database* — Generate sample server-side CRUD code based on database tables.
Service introspection* — Enjoy support for the following data services:
XML (local)
Web Services
LiveCycle Data Services
Network monitor* — Examine the data that flows between an application and a data service, as well as XML, AMF, and JSON data, which are sent using SOAP, AMF, HTTP, and HTTPS protocols.
Service operation testing* — Call service operations, pass parameters, and inspect returned data.
Authentication for services* — Take advantage of support for service operations that require authentication.
Data management* — Generate code that enables synchronization of updates to data on the server from the client application.
Data paging* — Generate code that supports incremental fetching of data from the server based on user interaction.
Bind data to controls* — Drag and drop configuration of service operations to UI components in design view.
DCD extensibility documentation* — Enable developers to adapt and extend code generated by DCD features to meet their own requirements.

UI development

Theme selector* — Browse and apply graphical and CSS-based themes to a Flex application.
Appearance panel* — Make changes to application-wide styles using the property inspector panel.
Configure data grid columns* — Visually configure columns and column properties.
Form generation* — Create user interface form layouts based on a data model.
Details form generation* — Create master/detail form layouts based upon a data model.
Chart generation* — Create data-bound charting controls from service operations.
Design view rendering of graphics tags, and Spark skins† — Get a high-fidelity preview of the user interface within design view, with full support for Adobe Flash Catalyst™ projects.
Create/edit component skin† — Generate template skins, copy an existing skin, or edit a skin for a Spark component.
Create/edit item renderer† — Generate a template item renderer or edit an item renderer for Spark-based components and MX tree, datagrid, and advanced datagrid components.
Layout control** — Adjust properties for Flex 4 layouts using the Property Inspector panel.

Design/develop workflow

FXP import† — Import existing Flex projects or projects from Flash Catalyst into a new or existing Flex project.
FXPL import into existing project† — Import component skin libraries from Flash Catalyst.
Flash Catalyst font embed fixing† — Fix references to locally installed fonts that are not available in the same location.
Flash Professional project support* — Create projects linked to an FLA file and launch/test/publish in Flash Professional from Flash Builder.
Flash Professional component launch and edit* — Insert FLA-based components in design view and roundtrip with Flash Professional to edit/update.
Theme import* — Import packaged theme assets for use with the Theme Browser feature.


Command line builds* — Synchronize individual build settings with a nightly build environment.

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